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Kind Words



“My senior session with Katelyn was incredible! As a person, Katelyn is so fun and easy to talk to, and as a photographer, she is so talented. I had never posed with skates or for straight faced pictures, but with her guidance I didn’t feel awkward at all, and the pictures came out beautifully. I was aiming for a very specific vibe for the pictures, and Katelyn managed to capture it exactly, which shows how much effort she puts into preparation beforehand. I love love loved the entire experience, and I would definitely recommend her!”


Rachel and Inheon

“My fiance and I (oh, and our dog) enjoyed every bits of our engagement photoshoot session with Katelyn! She made it a fun and memorable experience for us, and of course the photos came out amazing too! We would recommend KMP to anyone planning photoshoot in NoVA to capture their wonderful moments.”



“Katelyn was absolutely amazing! She was so willing to work with all of my ideas and help me figure out what to wear and bring. I was definitely nervous going into my senior session, but Katelyn was incredibly warm and encouraging. She guided me through poses and helped me be more comfortable in front of the camera. I loved the experience and all the photos she took!”



“It is absolutely amazing to shoot with Katelyn for my senior pictures!! I love it 
Katelyn is such a warm and friendly person. She is also an expert on styling and choosing breathtaking locations. Usually, I freeze when taking pictures with anyone. However, it was so fun and relaxing to shoot with Katelyn! She helped me with my expressions and poses. Her photography skills made me look photogenic when I am totally not haha. I’m so in love with the pictures she took! I will definitely recommend Katelyn Mariko Photography to everyone and ask her to take my pictures again in the future.”



“We shot in old town Alexandria and I was soo pleasantly surprised at how good the pictures turned out!! All the colors in the photo were very nicely rendered. Katelyn also gave incredibly helpful instructions as how to pose and position my hand/hair and always knew the best way to shoot for specific angles and locations. Definitely recommend her for your senior shoot!”



“Katelyn is an absolute superstar photographer! She made my senior shoot so comfortable by being so sweet to talk to and guiding my poses naturally. Katelyn was super accommodating the entire shoot and asked me about what exactly I wanted. The pictures turned out unbelievably beautiful, exactly like what I had hoped for!”



“Best senior shoot! Katelyn is fabulous – she helped me incorporate all the outfits I wanted, varying the types of photos as well (full-body, close-up). This shoot was very comfortable and enjoyable. The photos are absolutely beautiful – amazing quality. Very, very highly recommended – you won’t regret a moment! Not only is she super nice, but also very professional.”



“I loved my session with Katelyn!! Before having sessions with her, I had no confidence on photo shoots at all. However, she helped me out by being so nice. It was the most comfortable photo shoot session! And oh, her SKILLS! It’s amazing!! She is so talented and she actually knows how to make the model look beautiful and gorgeous. Because I did not know what poses and face expressions I had to make, she suggests some great poses and also asked my opinions. It was just so GREAT. I have no single regret on choosing to have session with her. The session I had with her would stay long as unforgettable memory.”



“Oh lordy jesus, this shoot has been such a fun experience. Thank you to the amazing photographer that is Katelyn herself, she has such a vibrant and welcoming personality that so effortlessly makes anyone feel comfortable. I’ve really enjoyed how easygoing she is and how much she actually cares about her clients, especially when it comes to making accommodations and just anything really. I came in feeling really awkward and all, but she made the shoot one of the most wonderful experiences I’ve had in a while. Not only is she incredibly talented, but she is incredibly fun to be around. I have genuinely had so much fun and I can’t thank you enough. Thank you so much, Katelyn!!”



“My photoshoot with Katelyn was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had in a long time!! Despite my nervousness, she put me right at ease and got me posing and feeling beautiful right off the bat. The original shoot was cancelled due to weather problems, but the rescheduling process was incredibly stress free. I just got the pictures last night and I love them so much- Katelyn is a sorceress with her camera! The poses and lighting and everything about the pictures is magical and radiant. I couldn’t be happier with the experience or the pictures. Thank you, Katelyn!!”

Minjoo and Doi Old Town Senior Shoot_0000


“Katelyn is an extraordinary photographer and delightful person to work with! Several days before my shoot, she asked if I wanted any props, and when I asked for balloons, she exceeded my expectations with a gorgeous, multi-colored arrangement. She’s open to all suggestions, and at the same time she’s full of ideas for poses and expressions so if you’re someone like me with minimal modeling experience, never fear – Katelyn will guide you through each photo. My photo shoot was uplifting (the weather was nice and the company friendly), enriching (I learned new poses and facts about photography), and surprisingly quick (45 minutes). I also want to mention how quickly Katelyn processes her photos so you can enjoy them as soon as possible. My photos were ready to view a few hours after the shoot, and I was given the freedom to choose which ones to keep or delete – I ended up keeping them all. Thank you Katelyn for capturing my memorable moments so beautifully through your lenses!”

Jia Cultural Shoot Manassas Battlefield_0022


“Katelyn was an absolutely phenomenal photographer– she was so sweet and easy to get along with, and I couldn’t have been more comfortable. From suggesting locations to helping me pick outfits, Katelyn was invested in helping me get pictures that I fell in love with. Her photos were incredible; she was fantastic at posing me and capturing perfect lighting. I would definitely recommend her to everyone out there—Katelyn Mariko Photography is the greatest!!”

Jaehee Park Shoot_0021


“I had an AMAZING time at my session – she truly is an incredible photographer! She is extremely friendly and creates a comfortable atmosphere. Don’t hesitate to schedule your session with her, you will not regret it!”

Nicole and Katie Lake Fairfax Shoot_0007


“I am so happy with the photos that Katelyn took for my senior portraits. She suggested a great location and the shoot felt very comfortable and natural. She was a lot of fun to work with!”